• "As an investor, you will share 60% of Goal Bonanza profits for life."
  • "Goal Bonanza is expected to generate $74.9 million dollars in its first 3 years"
  • "Crowdbetting is to sports betting what Uber is to hired driving and Airbnb is to the hospitality market. Goal Bonanza will be HUGE!!!"
  • "Excited to see how betting related ICOs are going to perform this year. I will keep a close eye on this project, It's happening !"
  • "I think a betting revolution just might be happening - count me in!"
  • "The "crowd betting" model has been massively successful in 2017, and just may be the next huge innovation within online gaming."
  • "This project is definitely waiting for success. Especially before the World Cup in Russia."
  • "Just read the concept and loved it. The detailing in Player Acquisition and gamification looks cool, reward system may bring more gamblers into the site. Looking forward to it."

$3 trillion dollar global betting industry is about to get disrupted.

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Bonus period ends on October 31, 2017


ETH ADDRESS: 0xcc8D2B3E5e4B4434FE1E328E1C45929F6CBc802c Copy

Min 0.5 ETH | Recommended 10 ETH + 1.5% bonus | GAS: 300000 | GWEI: 25

Total raised (13,132,568.876 GOAL Token):

  875.505 ETH   356 Backers

Token Details

Token details

  • Role of token: Community rewarding, platform payments
  • Token supply: 1 Billion
  • Distributed in the crowdsale: equivalent to $50M max cap
  • Symbol: GOAL
  • Initial value for PreSale:1 ETH = 15000 GOAL
  • Blockchain: ETH

Crowdsale details

  • Sale period: October 1, 2017
  • Token distribution date: Nov 15, 2017
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Maximum goal: 6,667 ETH
  • How funds are held:: Multi-sig wallet held by team council
  • Unsold tokens policy: Unsold tokens will be destroyed

Pre Sale Rewards and Discounts

We will offer a bonus system in the pre sale with rewards based on amount of ETH invested in Goal Bonanza. After you deposit a specific amount, you will automatically receive the best reward available for those funds. For example, if there is a reward for 500 ETH, then you will receive it after you deposit 500 or more ETH, but if you deposit 499 ETH, you will receive the lower tier reward. For more details on additional bonuses in pre sale please see the table below provided as reference:

GOAL Token Issued

Goal Bonanza doesn’t require the use of fiat currency for playing therefore it is outside gambling regulatory bodies and jurisdiction and therefore a non-regulated stateless business. Operations fudging and dividends payouts is performed in convertible ethereum cryptocurrency. In year 3 we expect to reach a total of 6.34m active players and generate earnings of $74.9 million.

Market Overview

Sports betting is a very popular type of gambling that involves predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. The consolidated global sports betting market, both regulated and unregulated, is worth up to $3-trillion. Around 65 per cent of that figure is spent on football betting, with the Asian market the centre of sports gambling.



global sports betting market size


can be gambled on a single game of football


global football betting market yield in 2017


avg. mobile gambling spend per adult in EU

What is Goal Bonanza?

Use Case

Barcelona is a big favorite hosting Levante in the 8th round of Primera Division at Nou Kamp . The average odds for a home win are 1.20, with 11.00 for an away win and 5.00 for a draw. Levante is in a goalless drought in the 4 last games, and John beleives Levante might be able to snitch a low scoring draw from Barcelona.

The crowd is backing a high scoring home win for Barcelona and most of the wagers go on “GOAL BONANZA” and home win game scores. John however, wagers 5 tokens on 0:0, 1:1 and 2:2, and hedged his draw prediction with 15 tokens on “GOAL BONANZA” to cover his losses if Barcalona trashes Levente. Below is a simulation of the distribution of wagers in Goal Bonanza game, in a football game with a huge favorite.

John just made profit of $47,007.85 - total wager (30 tokens) = $46,977.85. No traditional bookmaker or betting exchange could match this. If the game ended up with a high scoring home win, he would of return all his wager by hedging his bet with 15 tokens on “GOAL BONANZA” at 2.10 to 1. From statistical perspective, Barcelona was clearly the favorite in the encounter. However, as the crowd is heavily backing the most probable score, the potential returns on the less probable outcomes are exponentially growing and the crowd is more keen to back an underdog. This behavior on the flip side increases the potential returns for backing the most probable outcome, Goal Bonanza.

With traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges, you can hardly get a return more than 1.2 to 1 for a home win bet, and up to 1.6 to 1 for an "Over 3.5 goals" bet." What Goal Bonanza will offer is unrivaled returns when backing a favorite.

From the opposite side, you can hardly get a return more than 5 to 1 for a draw, and up to 15 to 1 for a correct score draw bet with traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges. in Goal Bonanza however, players backing underdogs will be able to get 6-figure returns for backing an underdog. Again, unrivaled proposal that no traditional bookmaker or betting exchange can match.

We strongly believe that this unique proposition of unrivaled returns will create an earthquake in the betting industry and create big community of players behind Goal Bonanza. The gaming industry has been lacking fresh new ideas and Goal Bonanza will be the tornado that will disrupt the global betting industry

Players Acquisition and Gamification

In addition to the core gaming mechanism, the platform will include a gamification component that will incentivize players to perform different actions and tasks in order to get awards. Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.

As players engage and make predictions, they advance up to Veteran level and unlock privileges, token bonuses, new account features and new game features. They win tokens, create communities and make friends, can challenge their friends or other players to make a bet on a specific game, receive challenges from friends and other players, unlock an advanced notification system and receive alerts when their favorite team is available for betting, when their biggest competitor made a bet, receive notifications on the football games open for betting with the highest pot and many more features. Advanced players will be able to follow the best punters and follow their predictions and veteran level players will be able to participate in special power-play games with a big bounty for the winners.

Players will also be able to unlock the referral program and earn 1 token for every referred player that will reach professional level. This way we will create a formidable force of Goal Bonanza advocates that will promote the game and drive acquisition of new players.

Rewards, Badges and Achievements

Players will also be able to win badges and more tokens as reward for completing different achievements as recognition for their talents and expertise to predict football matches scores and outcomes. As players complete more advanced achievements the rewards will grow exponentially as well.

The desire to appear on the leader board will drives players to complete more achievements, fueling deeper engagement and increasing the lifetime value of a user. Players will have the option to appear on the leader boards either anonymously or under their real avatar to compare and compete against other players but also to collaborate, build communities around favorite football teams and challenge players from arch rival teams when their selected favorite teams meat in a football game open for score predictions.

We see an opportunity to innovate and disrupt an industry with annual turnover of $3-trillion. People love to gamble on football and we made it our mission to make football betting even more fun and exciting.

Meet our Team

Srdjan Erceg

Digital Media Advisor

Srdjan Erceg is a General Manager & Founder at HUGE Media since 2009. Huge Media llc is a marketing agency from Belgrade. Founded in 2008 it specializes in marketing solutions for digital media such as internet and mobile and as of 2013 is a full service digital agency.

Aleksandar Birovljev

Ecommerce Advisor

Aleksandar Birovljev is a Serial Entpreneur and e-commerce expert at Gampo & Gampo+. He has a 16 years of experience in the field of e-commerce implemented more than 15 e-commerce/e-business projects in Serbia and BiH in the private sector, reaching from e-marketing campaigns to complex multifunctional e-commerce portals.

Ivan Recevic

Data Analytics Advisor

Ivan Rečević is a co-founder of Huge Media and a co-owner of Gaia Consulting firm that specializes in MarTech & AdTech strategies and implementations. Building Analytics solutions. Training entrepreneurs and agencies on marketing technologies, and advertising professionals about digital advertising solutions and analytics.

Gaurang Manjrekar

Football Media Advisor

Earns and Young Consultant and Founder of Football Paradise. Gaurang Manjrekar is EY's Technology Advisory team, He offers consulting services to their financial services clients under Technology, Strategy, Risk, Performance Improvement, and Security. He is also the founder of Football Paradise and co-founder of Liverpool FC 360.

Andrew Rippon

Blockchain Advisor

Andrew Rippon is an advisor to the Smart Dubai Office, an initiative of HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum where he lead Blockchain Practice use case development and technology implementation for governments, real estate developers and corporates.

Daryl R. Wallace

Product Architecture Advisor

Darryl Wallace is a Product Manager at Foster and More and previously worked at Accenture Interactive in Colorado where he built up product vision, roadmaps, backlogs, user journey mapping and capability release planning with distributed teams worldwide implementing lean, kanban and continuous delivery.

Ahmed Elmi

Online Acquisition Advisor

Ahmed Elmi is currently Head of Performance Media at Dyson and previously worked at Etihad Airways. A digital marketing/ecommerce practitioner with 8 years’ experience covering client, agency and technology sectors. Accomplished in delivering strategic digital acquisition channels across for multinational brands;

Kamal El Agha

Data Analytics Advisor

Kamal El Agha is a Marketing & Advertising Tech Professional, He is a Director of data & analytics at Havas Media Group. Kamal is responsible for responsible for the media campaign analytics and optimisation of major advertising clients, including oversight of projects/deadlines, management, delivering proactive analysis, insights and recommendations.

Poch Gonzales

Creative Director

Art Director and co-founder of creative and digital marketing agency with years of interdisciplinary work specializing in branding, graphic design, video production & motion graphics. His methodology stands on the fundamentals of design complemented with the years of experience creating notable and dynamic visions.

Loraine Razon

Project Manager

Project manager with central background in business management and marketing. Co-founder and manager of creative and digital marketing agency connecting with global clientele within the niches of retail, travel & tourism, hospitality and food & beverages.

Zorana Mitrovic

UI/UX Developer

Oscar Daniel Torres

Software Engineer

Leodan Buduen

Software Engineer

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Project Manager

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